A Little Bit About Me

Hi lovelies! I’m Ella, otherwise known as El Butler Xox. I’m 23, British and come from a little town in Somerset in the South West of England. I started blogging back in 2015 at the age of 19. Back then, I had no real idea what a ‘blogger’ was. All I knew is that I loved writing, photography being creative, making websites and helping others. I always thought I wanted to go down the route of becoming a web designer however I just couldn’t find my passion for it. I heard around that you could make your own free website online so I decided to take a look and ended up making my first ever blog! At the time, I made my website on Weebly and still had no idea what a blog was however I knew that I loved the idea of this new website I’d created and sharing my ideas and life on it. Having my own little place on the internet is something that makes me so happy! Not only that, I love feeling proud of the work I’ve created and seeing my progress right in front of me.

My mission as a blogger is not only to create a space that I’m proud of but to help and inspire others along the way whether that be sharing my travels, tips, how to’s, teaching you guys how to make your own blog and anything else you can think of!

Through blogging, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of different companies that I love! Some of them being River Island, Motel Rocks and Trip Advisor. There are many more! Whether you’re a reader with questions, a brand that would like to work together or someone that just needs someone else to talk to; feel free to reach out to me either through my social media platforms or via email at elbutlerxox@gmail.com . I always do my best to answer everyone.

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Disclosure: Affiliate links may be used (not all links) so I may earn a small commission through them at no extra cost to you. However I only share things that I LOVE and trust