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April 25, 2017

To anyone that follows my blog, chances are you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and why things have been so inconsistent. The past near enough year has been a weird one. There’s been times that have been amazing, I’ve had the time of my life! But also in that time, a lot has happened! However that in itself is a whole different story.

During this time I decided that I needed to focus on me for a little and things that make me happy. I absolutely love blogging but the truth is, I stopped enjoying what I was writing about. When looking at my blog I wasn’t proud of my content and if ever anyone asked for my blog link, I hesitated in giving it to them because I knew that my blog wasn’t my best work and didn’t portray my personality. My blog wasn’t ME.

I took a lot of time out to think about this and realised the reasoning behind it is because I was trying to make my blog like the stereotypical ‘Beauty Guru’; the person that I thought everyone else would like. That’s not me.

After taking a lot of time to think, I’ve decided that I’m going to change my content. I love inspiring and motivating people, I love going on adventures and travelling around, I love bringing happiness; so that’s what I’m going to write about.

I’ll still be working for and with companies; you’ll see a few re-appearing on my blog. However my content will now be what I love. I want to be able to portray myself to my readers. I want to read my work and smile; I want to read it back and know that I mean every word I’m writing and hope that they inspire you, my readers, a little more.

All my love,
El xox

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