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2018 Instagram Roundup

Although I was super rubbish at uploading to my Insta last year (and my blog!), I’ve always loved the idea of doing an Instagram Roundup so that I’m able to look back in the future and see my year in pictures. I went on…

January 8, 2019
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Monthly Top 10 Quotes: APRIL

Quotes are something I use to motivate myself very often in my everyday life. I constantly find myself searching for quotes to express my emotions and relate to my situation at the time. I personally find them so inspirational so have decided to start…

May 31, 2017
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The Hidden Rule Of ‘Keeping Things Private’

Life teaches you to keep everything private whether it be health, stories from the past, relationships and so on. To an extent, I totally agree, some things people don’t need to know. On top of that, being a blogger, you have to be even…

May 8, 2017
My Life

An Explanation

To anyone that follows my blog, chances are you’ve been wondering where I’ve been and why things have been so inconsistent. The past near enough year has been a weird one. There’s been times that have been amazing, I’ve had the time of my…

April 25, 2017
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Beach Shoot (Modelling)

I’ve recently been signed to a modelling agency and had my first location shoot on Friday so decided to document all my shoots on my blog as I do them! The shoot was with 2 lovely photographers who kindly travelled to my home town…

July 27, 2016
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My Journey As A Blogger

I was sat recently, thinking about how crazy my blogging journey has been so I decided to share it with you guys. I originally started blogging about a year and a half ago now and certainly didn’t ever expect myself to be doing something…

July 4, 2016
My Life

Life Update

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you a little update on what’s been going on. Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been absent from my blog for a while now. Through the past few months, quite a lot of things have…

March 1, 2016
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My Chill/Everyday Playlist

Anyone that knows me super duper well will know that I’m an acoustic, chill music kinda girl. As much as I love a bit of the latest chart music or dancing around to all the dance anthems, no music will ever come close to…

August 1, 2015
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My Summer Playlist

As it’s the start of summer and the weathers starting to pick up, I thought I’d do a slightly different blog post and share my summer playlist with you guys. This blog post will have a slightly different aspect to it than my previous…

July 8, 2015